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Singwon Yoyo S-White 19mm pads

Image of Singwon Yoyo S-White 19mm pads

S-White Pads Full Name is ‘Soft-White 19mm response pads’

Inner diameter: 19mm
Thickness: 1.1mm

This is the new response pads that is used for all Singwon Yoyo starting October 2018. Singwon Yoyo switched to this pads because it is more user friendly and consistent. It is easier to break in compared to our previous pads and made from a softer white silicone rubber.

The adhesive is from 3M. It is easy to peel, stick and replace. You can remove it from the response groove without much residue. If there is residue we recommend using disposable alcohol wipes to wipe and remove it. (Available is most pharmacy or you can use cotton buds with Zippo/pharmaceutical alcohol)

The pads are compatible with yoyos using standard 19mm response pads.