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Singwon Yoyo May (blasted prototype)

Image of Singwon Yoyo May (blasted prototype)
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Price: US$50 (including international shipping)
Weight: 70grams
Diameter: 59mm
Width: 45mm
Bearing gap width: 4.35mm
Bearing: 10-ball concave
Axle: Singwon yoyo titanium axle (new)
Response: S-white 19mm pad

May is the 3A signature Model for Teruo Kameya from Japan. We want to make a 70gram yoyo with power and functionality for 3a division. These yoyos are are specially made prototype batch with blasted finish. Only 30 pieces are available for sale worldwide.

Teruo recommends using Kitty String XL with May yoyo for 3a

Reminder: please use a little thin lube to ensure prolonged use for the bearing because the yoyo is heavy.