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Patriot Bimetal JP (batch 2)

Image of Patriot Bimetal JP (batch 2)
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Patriot Bimetal JP yoyo stats

Weight: 64.7grams
Diameter: 55.7mm
Width: 44.4mm
Bearing gap width: 4.4mm
Bearing: 10-ball concave
Axle: Singwon yoyo 8mm titanium axle (new) Response: S-white 19mm pad

Patriot Bimetal JP is Singwon Yoyo flagship competition model. The full name is Patriot Bimetal Japan Version, it is made with various feedback to be a competition driven model to cater for the preference of Japanese yoyo players. Now available in even more colours.

Batch 2 and other future Patriot bimetal JP will come with our new Singwon yoyo 8mm titanium axle, S-white 19mm pads (except for 2018 Christmas edition) and 10-ball concave bearing. This is also the competition set up used by most of our teammates for competition.