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Pandemic Pineapple by Singwon Yoyo

Image of Pandemic Pineapple by Singwon Yoyo
Sold out

Here a brief story for this yoyo also since some of you saw this post.

Last year 2019 we literally sold a pair of yo-yos called the Singwon Yoyo pineapples. It was made with yoyo halves from the Odora and Patriot XL.

This year 2020 because of the pandemic, we made the Pandemic Pineapple for Singwon Yoyo (the gold plated ring resembles a crown which is relatable to the term corona) but we didn’t sold it on April fools day because the release was a joke and our owner was saving this for a rainy day because we also didn’t know how long COVID-19 will last and these were new yo-yo halves from our personal yoyo archive.

If you disassembled them and put the similar halves together it’s actually made from the discontinued South Peak 7075 and Patriot Bimetal JP. They come with 2 titanium axles, 2 grooved-concave bearing.